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    Mensagem por netcabo em Sab Jun 20, 2009 6:50 am

    Konnet Technology recently sent over its latest PlayStation 3 accessory, the Power Pyramid, for us to check out. We've seen various similar peripherals over the past few years, so we weren't expecting much when it arrived. Surprisingly, we are decidedly pleased with the Power Pyramid.
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    An empty Power Pyramid

    The Power Pyramid has two functions: it's a fancy stand for four Sixaxis or DualShock 3 controllers, and it also acts as a charging station.

    The Power Pyramid mimics the simplistic but elegant design of the PS3. It has a 'modern art' feel, with two obelisks jutting out of the base that meet up to form a stand. The are four controller ports, which connect directly to each controller's mini USB port. While functioning as a charge station, the AC adaptor runs under the base of the Power Pyramid, so that means no unsightly wires in plain view. It doesn't require a connection to a PS3, either. Additionally, LED lights emit red light if the controllers are charging, and blue light when they're fully charged -- a useful, power-saving feature.

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    Freshly baked DualShocks

    The elephant in the room is the peripheral's price tag. The Power Pyramid will run you $54.99 USD -- nearly the price of a full retail game. It's certainly not an essential add-on, but it's one that we've used surprisingly often. Even now, four DualShock 3s sit comfortably on the Power Pyramid beside this computer. If you have some spare dough, you should look for the Power Pyramid in a retail store or purchase one online. If you're strapped for cash, however, skip it and save up for what you really own a PS3 for: great games.

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    um bocado inútil ne? Power Pyramid Spotlight Icon_razz

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    ate e fixe para quem tem 4 comandos

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