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    Killzone 2 - v.1.27 Now Available Empty Killzone 2 - v.1.27 Now Available

    Mensagem por netcabo em Qui Jun 04, 2009 6:48 am

    Hi folks,

    Nice new home you guys have here and thanks for inviting me. My name is Seb Downie and I am one of the Producers at Guerrilla Games and want to start off GG’s contribution to the blog with details of the latest and greatest update to hit Killzone 2. It was meant to be out a week ago, but on the 11th hour before release we found a bug that needed fixing, so unfortunately we had to delay it, but now we are ready to rock, erm I mean, ready to patch!
    Today, Guerrilla Games has released their 9th patch for their best-selling shooter, Killzone 2.
    This patch not only contains fixes, but also new functionality that has been requested by the Killzone community. Patch 1.27 will be 75MB in size (272MB for Asian release) and will be released worldwide with the following fixes and features:

    • DLC - Enables support for downloadable content pack #2 “Flash & Thunder”, released on June 11th on the Playstation®️Store
    • Network errors – Improved handling of large message groupings to decrease network errors on heavy loads. Should decrease some instances of network errors
    • Stability - Fix for potential Quick-join stability issues when DLC pack “Steel & Titanium” is not installed
    • Stability – Removal of DLC could result in stability issues when using game pre-sets
    • Stability – Crash fix for potential Search & Retrieve issue
    • Stability – Fix for infrequent hang on loading when using spectator mode
    • Exploit – Search & Destroy objective exploit fix
    • Exploit – Collision fix for map MP04 – Visari Hammer
    • Exploit – Collision fix for map MP07 – Blood Gracht
    • Exploit – Collision fix for map MP07 – Blood Gracht (2)
    • Exploit – Collision fix for map MP08 – Corinth Crossing
    • Exploit – Collision fix for map MP08 – Corinth Crossing (2)
    • Stats – Fix for clans not always receiving the clan match win medal
    • Controls – Addition of High precision mode option for both Single Player and Multiplayer. New accounts will have this mode set as standard and existing users will have to enable it manually. More details can be found here:
    • Feature – Players will be automatically placed on the same faction, if they are friends upon using the ‘Join Friend’ option
    • Feature – Players will be automatically placed on the same squad, if they are friends upon using the ‘Join Friend’ option
    • Feature – Squads will remain constant over multiple rounds unless disbanded. More info on the above features can be found here
    • Feature – Faction balancing only checked when entering the game to the pre-game lobby or spawn-select New faction select screen on spawn-select
    • Feature – In-game faction changing now allowed on heavily unbalanced factions
    • Feature – Skirmish – All Badges and Abilities are now unlocked for Skirmish mode to allow users with lower bandwidth network connections to experience the full range of weapons and abilities available in Multiplayer mode
    • Gameplay – Invulnerability when spawning on a deployable spawn-point outside of a base-camp is now disabled
    • Gameplay – Armor of Assault class reduced from 100 to 50 hit-points
    • Gameplay – AI and health of the flying Sentry Bots has been tweaked upwards
    • Gameplay – Firing rate of the Sentry Turret’s rocket system has been reduced slightly
    • Bug – Cooked grenades dealing friendly fire damage despite the option being disabled
    • Bug - DLC Pack 1 “Steel & Titanium” front end text fix for Japanese sku
    • Moderation – Enhanced moderation tools for SCE Moderators
    • – Revived players now appearing correctly in Battle Replays
    • Misc - Various minor bug fixes

    For more in depth information on some of the bigger features to come with this patch, check out the Q&A with Eric Boltjes our Lead Multiplayer Designer here.
    I’ll be checking out the comments section and will try to answer some of your questions about the update. We are by no means done with Killzone 2 and will continue to improve the online experience with your (constructive, fair and balanced) feedback *ahem*.
    So thanks for having me and I hope you enjoy this latest update. We’ll be back soon with some news on Home. Also make sure to keep an eye on for the latest news, gossip and content.

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