Rumor: Leaked photos tease Tomb Raider reboot


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    Rumor: Leaked photos tease Tomb Raider reboot

    Mensagem por netcabo em Sab Jul 11, 2009 10:35 am

    We're usually pretty hesitant when it comes to accepting the testimony of moles at face value, but this story's got a bit of credibility -- some underground agent, working in conjunction with Four Player Co-Op, snagged some supposed screengrabs of concept art and details for a new Tomb Raider game. According to the text accompanying the art, Lara's new adventure will be open-world, will feature a reworked combat system and -- most importantly -- will serve as an origin story for the young heiress.

    Anonymity breeds contempt in the gaming news world -- however, this report is supported by four pieces of news that have dropped in the past two months:

    1. Eidos' president said the next Tomb Raider game will "reinvigorate the franchise."
    2. Crystal Dynamics is hiring folks to work on an installment in a "AAA franchise."
    3. Toby Gard, the series' creator, is leading a design group for an "unannounced project."
    4. Eidos is terrible at keeping its secret games under wraps.


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